why aren't women funny?

August 23rd, 2005

Have you ever seen a funny female comedian? Have you even seen a female comedian to begin with? There aren't many, are there? I haven't seen one that was funny. And I wonder why. How is comedy gender specific? What, women don't have wit, don't have attitude, don't have charm? Sure they do. So why aren't they funny? I wanna know because this is a serious anomaly, I'm a total comedy addict and I'm cheated out of 50% of potential killer material.

Actually, the only funny woman I can remember is Anne Kat. Hærland. And that's on tv, it's not material, she's spontaneously funny. She has great language skills, she's bright, she's witty, bold, everything you need. There should be more women like her!

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1 Responses to "why aren't women funny?"

  1. Erik says:

    And I don't even know her :(