Apocalypse Now

January 23rd, 2004

I couldn't get any sleep last night due to a dental problem so I got a chance to see "Apocalypse Now". Well it's a famous movie and an interesting one at that. It was done in 1979 so compared to today's box office productions, it's outstanding. Of all the Vietnam pictures, this one approaches the subject from quite another perspective. I'll also say I enjoyed Coppola's filming, there is something there about not showing you the full picture and letting you feel the movie that I like about it. It wasn't the ideal watch-to-stay-awake-at-4am flick but it was worth the time. Martin Sheen in the lead was excellent.

This is one of those I might want to see again sometime, perhaps I'll get a better feel of it a second time and hopefully more aware to enjoy it.


Another thing is I discovered I had seen one of those closing scenes before, it was on Seinfeld. The time when Peterman goes to Burma and Elaine goes to see him, it's even better now that I know where it's from..

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1 Responses to "Apocalypse Now"

  1. Torkel says:

    7/10? ALTFOR lavt, kongefilm...