toilet paper format?

January 6th, 2005

I had just fired up gimp today, for those who don't know it, it's supposed to be an Adobe Photoshop clone, only free. Now I don't do a lot of work with graphics for a variety of reasons. It takes a lot of time, I don't know much about it but most importantly because I don't have talent for it. This time around I just needed a simple graphic for a school project when the New Image dialog caught my eye. The screenshot is from the gimp user manual and the interesting entry is highlighted in red. When you create a new image in gimp, you get a dialog asking to input the common properties any image must have (dimensions, resolution etc). There is also a list of predefined image types available to you, in order to make it quicker to create certain types of images. One of these is the "toilet paper" format, out of the US apparently, which happens to be completely new to me. So as the gimp is widely used, apparently enough people were doing toilet paper designs to lobby for a special entry into that menu, interesting.

Everyday you learn something new..

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2 Responses to "toilet paper format?"

  1. Erik says:


    You know, actually, I pushed for that. You know how I used to write stuff down on toilet paper cause ordinary paper never seemed to be around when I needed it? Well, I figured it was time to modernise so nowadays I use that programme, stick a roll of toilet paper in my printer and voilá: erik has entered the 21st century! :strong:

  2. Graham says:

    Is the toilet paper format narrow and really long??