globe trotting

November 2nd, 2005

It just occured to me that I've never traveled as much in a year as I have in 2005.

January 4 - coming back from Christmas in Poland

February - a week in Salerno, Italy

March 12 - a weekend in Oslo to get my IELTS papers (for those of you who have been on the edge of your seats since March, Jens Stoltenberg is prime minister again following the election a few weeks ago)

July - a week and a half's vacation in Poland

August 17 - three-day grid conference in Oslo

October 17 - three-day grid conference in Linköping, Sweden

November 1 - long weekend in Milano to see Milan-Juventus

December 16 - heading to Poland for Christmas

That's a lot of travelling :eek: Right now I just feel like staying home for six months :D

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3 Responses to "globe trotting"

  1. Erik says:

    Staying home for SIX months? That's unheard of!! :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Tell that to people who have never been outside the country :D

  3. Erik says:

    No use conversing with people like that. About any topic imaginable either ;)