head rest from hell

November 3rd, 2005

not recommended for resting: Ryanair

They employ what I like to call the head rest from hell. You know the one I mean, where the seat is usually reasonably comfortable, you lean back to get comfortable, but your head won't go all the way back, it gets stuck on this annoying piece of head rest which sticks way out from the chair itself. WTF?? If you've seen it, you know it only too well. They have them in cars too quite often. What happens is that you lean back in the chair, your back is stretched out vertically, but you can't rest your neck because the f. head rest sticks way out from the chair. Have you tried going to sleep in that position? Do you know what happens when you wake up. In fact, you can't get any sleep at all, it's so uncomfortable. But if you do succeed (like my 20 minutes on a 2h flight), when you wake up, your neck hurts because you can't rest it. I've slept in the car like that as well, for a few hours. Waking up is not pleasant.

I ask you then, is there a good reason we need the head rest from hell? Or do they make us uncomfortable for no reason at all? I see a political party being formed over this.

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7 Responses to "head rest from hell"

  1. Erik says:

    Excellent rant. I enjoyed that :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Thank you for your unconditional enjoyment :D

  3. ash says:

    I don't know why head rests are like that on planes, it's always difficult for me to sleep on them. In a car though it's worth noting that manufacturers like to call it the 'head restraint' rather than 'head rest'. It's shape these days is far more to do with safety in case of an accident than providing a good position for sleep.

  4. numerodix says:

    Yeah, that's what I thought the reason was, it's not possible someone would do it on purpose.. does that have anything to do with planes as well?

  5. ash says:

    Heh, I hate to say it but no...on planes they don't design as much for protecting occupants from crashes because the idea is that you never get to a crash. Far more time is spent on active safety. Plus it's much harder to do anything about protecting someone if they plummet from the skies.

  6. numerodix says:

    That's nice... :D

  7. Erik says:

    I should copyright my airbag idea...