moderation HAH!

March 7th, 2005

You've heard the term "everything in moderation". It's cracking good advice too. But it's not for everybody..

To start off in general terms, I have never been normal and I have never wanted to be normal. I'm only being me when I'm not normal. That doesn't mean I have to be different always, but certainly at times when I do feel that need, I won't let down and I don't feel good unless I get my way. This I've known for a long time but lately it's become apparent in more concrete means. I'm not a moderate. I need to exaggerate, to overdo it, to go "too far". And whenever I do, quite often there are people around to say "there's no need to exaggerate". Well not for *you* maybe, but I need to. Needless to say, they never get much headway. :D

Ok so I'm extreme, an extremist. When I played sports with friends, I was always the kid who wanted to play longer than anyone else. I'm still like that. I could have 1l+ of ice cream in one sitting, or 200g of chocolate. In a debate, I can go further than anyone else in applying logical rules to arguments and show that people's statements can be mercilessly twisted to mean completely different things than intended, just because I think there is a truth there worth exploring (people don't like this :D ). A few years ago, I heavily neglected school work to work hours a day on a website just because I wanted to. I've had some of the longest and most intense email exchanges, 2000 words per message everyday. I've done lots of instant messaging, I was in a chat that lasted 12 straight hours (I kid you not!), with just the one person. I've watched all of "Seinfeld" probably about 5 times (180 episodes), I can do lots of comedy from memory because I've heard it so many times.

Is that normal? Is that moderate? I can't do moderation, it's not for me..

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