the "Dream Team"

March 13th, 2005

I had an odd recollection today from my childhood days.. I remember when I was in my freshman year in junior high (age 13), there was a basketball tournament held at school. I loved all kinds of sports events at school cause there were so few of them. I always wished there were school teams for different sports like one finds in other countries. The question would I have made any of those teams remains unanswered meanwhile. So that was an annual thing, we got a group together and signed up for the tournament. Each team required a name of some kind so we came up with "Dream Team" (reference to the US men's basketall team in the 92' Barcelona Olympics which wiped the floor with all the other teams).

So we went to register our team and as we were in line to do so, there was another team behind us. So finally we go up to the secretary and get registered as the "Dream Team". As it turned out, the group behind us ripped off the name and enrolled as "Dream Team 2". So seeing this, the brilliant secretary changed our name to "Dream Team 1". :wallbang:

Worse still, in the first round of the tournament, we came up against "Dream Team 2" and... they knocked us out. :wallbang:

Come to think of it, all the teams I was on in my time never cracked that first round. *sigh* The only good team I ever played on was my very first one, the soccer club I joined at age 8.

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