March 28th, 2005

It's 2.15 am and I went to bed over 2 hours ago. Can't sleep.

I've just had a very productive week, it feels good. But I'm looking at 2 extremely busy months. Not that I'm scared of it, I have it planned out so it should by all means work out.

But am I still scared of something subconsciously? Otherwise, why can't I sleep? Admittedly I've had some late nights the past week but usually at 3 am I was falling apart in front of the screen. It's nearing that hour now and although I'm tired and fighting a headache most of the day, I can't bat an eyelid.

My alarm clock is set to 7 am. Will I still make it and go in to work at 8? Or will I sleep in and start late?

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5 Responses to "insomnia"

  1. numerodix says:

    Got into work at about 9 (alarm clock went bust) and because I didn't get enough sleep, I worked up a headache again. Just got home now and I still got lots more to do.

  2. Erik says:

    That stinks, I know the feeling

  3. Erik says:

    OFF TOPIC (but necessary):

    Boooo, we want more blog entries!!!!!!

    I know I'm not to regular myself but I have need a 45 minute bus ride and a good dosis of luck to make it to a computer with internet, what's your excuse??? :D BTW, I updated mine.

  4. numerodix says:

    True and I've been meaning to blog something but haven't really had any ideas lately or the time for it either. I often blog when I should be working so that just shows I've actually been quite productive lately. Spent my Easter doing all my programming hand-ins so I'm all done with that and now I started working full time on my project. Could maybe scrape out some petty comments from work but it would be forcing it and that's no good. For now, at least, I'm closer to the life I should be leading, and in the words of Carrie Heffernan ("King of Queens").. I ain't hatin' it.

  5. Erik says:

    Nice, keep it up then!