the paper trail

April 9th, 2005
  • a degree certificate, original or certified copy + extra copy
  • a transcript of courses taken and credits earned, certified copy + extra copy
  • a photograph of the first page of the passport + copy
  • application form completed + copy
  • two passport photographs
  • proof of anticipated degree, certified document
  • two letters of reference
  • certified copy of secondary education diploma
  • certified copy of transcript from secondary education
  • proof of adequate financial resources
  • residence permit if required
  • proof of English language proficiency (see "IELTS hoopla")
  • letter of motivation
  • proof of payment made to process application
  • police track record
  • chess club membership card
  • your grandmother's valuable pre-WW2 ear rings

The above x5.

I should be admitted if only on account on what a pain in the ass it is to obtain all these documents. :lazy:

Ps. For the daft crowd.. the last 3 are fictional :redface::P

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3 Responses to "the paper trail"

  1. Erik says:

    Ah bugger. I'm sure the police track record would have been impressive :P

  2. numerodix says:

    impressively empty? far as I know there's nothing on there but I'm not keen to call and ask lol

  3. Erik says:

    Mine on the other hand :wallbang: