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December 15th, 2005

I've said already that The Guardian is well worth a read in terms of language use and today brings further proof from Thursday's Rumour Mill..

Thursday's rumours

Today's hogwash will get your white lies a pink shade of black

Paul Doyle
Thursday December 15, 2005

The Welsh have a word - lledorweddle - meaning "the place where one lies down while propping oneself up with one elbow". Waali speakers in Ghana have a word - nubie yam - for "a farmer who does nothing but point to his farm". And Czechs have a verb - umudrovat se
- meaning "to philosophise oneself into a lunatic asylum". Handy, eh?
But no language the Mill is familiar with has a word for "a football
team that exhibits characteristics that make it the diametric opposite
of a chameleon, adapting to look ludicrously out of place in any
environment". Oh hold on, the Mackem tribe of England have the perfect
word: Sunderland.

Mick McCarthy's plodders looked like a Premiership side when in the
Championship, then reached the top flight and turned into a pitiful pub
team. And they're about to get worse! Because experienced (an English
word meaning "slow but shouty") central defender Alan Stubbs is poised to put his differences with Everton behind him and leave the Stadium of Light to make a sensational return to Goodison Park.

Another centre-back plotting a get-away is Manchester City's Sylvain Distin - or maybe he's just throwing shapes to secure a new contract. Either way, Liverpool, Newcastle and Aston Villa are all loitering with the intent of convincing him to put his pen to their headed paper.

Meanwhile, Spanish winger Joaquin is panting at the prospect of joining Newcastle, where, according to quotes published in Spain, he will consider it an honour to provide crosses for Michael Owen.

Staying in Spain, Real Madrid are set to sign podgy Roma frontman Antonio Cassano and make space for the ample-framed 23-year-old by packing Ivan Helguera off to Juventus.

Back in Blighty, the wheels have begun turning on Harry Redknapp's deals, and the Portsmouth boss could sooon be reunited with striker Paulo Wanchope.

WBA, meanwhile, have ordered Leeds, Crystal Palace and Wolves to form an orderly queue outside the Hawthorns to sign midfielder Jason Koumas. Palace are also chasing Sheffield United left-back Chris Armstrong.

Arsenal are hunting a defender, and Arsène Wenger is a big admirer of the cut of Valencia defender Marco Caneira's jib.

As neighbours Celtic prepare to unveil Roy Keane, Rangers have been told they can't have Bordeaux striker Jean-Claude Darcheville.

you have it. More proof that the Mill always, as Germans say, "gibt
seinen Senf dazu" - brings its mustard even if no one likes it.,1451,1667996,00.html

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  1. erik says:

    hehehe could piece

  2. erik says:

    oops could=good

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  3. ash says:

    Poor Sunderland
    No, I can't even fake sympathy online