tourists in Trondheim

June 24th, 2005

I was in the "city" yesterday, it was raining softly, sky was overcast and a modest temperature. I see this group of 20 people, some of them looking at a map, the rest of them standing around outside MacDonalds waiting for their leader to lead them somewhere. When I saw that, I felt sorry for them. I mean clearly research isn't something they are very good at, otherwise they would never come here, but given that they did and they're spending lots of money paying our ridiculous prices (and especially those geared at tourists), it does make me a bit sad to see them out in the rain.

And with the map, that's pretty funny. It's actually very difficult to get lost in this town without a map because it's so small. Just keep walking east, oh there's the river, let's turn left, keep walking, oh there's the bay, turn left, keep walking, oh there's the river again, turn left, keep walking, hey we've been here before. And by then you've seen all of Trondheim. Time to complete at a casual pace: 1.5 hours.

But then I remember going to Barcelona last year in February and it was bloody raining the whole time. If I get my vacation ruined, why should I feel sorry for these guys? Even if I chose my destination a bit more carefully.. so long, suckaz.

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2 Responses to "tourists in Trondheim"

  1. Erik says:

    Cruel. I love it.

    Personally I never have any problems with the weather when I go somewhere *knock on wood*

    Unless I go there with you :wallbang:

  2. numerodix says:

    Lesson learnt. :D