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July 15th, 2006

Do you ever see someone on the street and you think to yourself "that's a really bad thing to wear"? Exactly, so I thought I could do something new here and bless the world with some fashion tips. I'm no fashion guru, but I can save you from humiliation by telling you what not to wear.

The superman boots
God only knows why women like this model. This brown leather abomination looks crap in every incarnation. They usually extend to somewhere above the knee and they inevitably have a zipper on the side. The boots look like something you would wear in a swamp so your feet stay dry. I could understand how it might be practical at winter time, _practical_. But good looking? No, sorry. Not least because they're often worn with clothes that strongly contrast the boots themselves (so you can see them a block away), or because they're worn with clothes that don't contrast much at all, drab, tired shades of brown, navy and black.

Note: the short ones that only rise a little above the ankle are not on the blacklist, those look quite good.

Short skirt & bike

Well this is a no brainer. Or should be. In this country of bikes, everyone has one. And while I wouldn't have thought so, long skirts actually look rather classy and elegant on bikes. Short skirts that cut off above the knees on the other hand.. very tacky.

So there, now you don't have to buy "Vogue" this week.

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2 Responses to "fashion tips"

  1. erik says:

    I disagree on the boots. I like boots.

    Good job catching the skirt syndrom tho

  2. Adio11 says:

    Echoed. Definitely. I mean those boots are made for walking!