vegetarians - what gives?

November 1st, 2003

Am I the only one who doesn't get vegetarians? What's so blessed about not eating meat anyway? I mean it's not like the human race would even survive on this planet without consuming animal flesh, it's just how it works. When asked about their motivation, vegetarians will usually say they don't eat meat because they love animals so much. They feel some sort of closeness towards the animals and hence they argue it is wrong to kill them. Well that's good and well but why animals exactly? Aren't plants living creatures? Wouldn't they prefer to live rather than being chopped down for vegetarians to savagely consume? I mean it's murder either way, what's the difference which one you choose? What I wanna know is who's sticking up for the plants?! So why not plants? Well, because animals are so much more alike us than any other organism, in fact we share 80% of their DNA. So what? How does that make it right to shield them from cruel human behavior and not all other living things? That's like saying because I'm white, I'm gonna stick up for all my white people but I'm gonna abuse all the other races, it's just not right. Just because someone or something is more different from you, doesn't mean you should care for them/it less.

So basically, the whole vegetarian movement is based on double standards as far as I'm concerned.

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