Matrix Revolutions

November 9th, 2003

I will say that the "Matrix Revolutions" was better than "Reloaded", and it was sufficient to merit positive reactions. At the same time, it was greatly disappointing, seeing as it is the conclusion to a trilogy. Too many questions have been asked that were never answered. The purpose of "Reloaded" seemed to me to broaden the subject and ask questions that were not previously anticipated, perhaps to open our eyes and seek answers we did not think we wanted. As such, I anticipated "Revolutions" to provide those answers, perhaps not in full, but sufficiently to satisfy our wonderings.

In fact what was done, was quite in line with what we saw in the first two episodes. The Matrix world was furthermore opened to us, we were afforded a peek at the machines world and their devices. Zion was also presented further, its defensive measures and strategies. But here the praise ends. We did not learn of Neo's fate, he was as I recall (and do please correct me if I'm wrong) battling with the machines somewhere in the real world, he had accomplished the task of stopping them on his own with his super powers. At the same time, he was exhausted and doing quite badly. Here I feel the link from "Reloaded" was cut abruptly. Suddenly, we learn he finds himself in no man's land, trapped between the Matrix and the real world. Nevermind how, please do tell how this place exists and why it is the "trainman" who dominates. Who exactly is the French guy? Is he a program? How can a program exist outside the Matrix? How can a program exert any kind of power outside the Matrix?

But it does not end there, the list goes on forever. Ok, the Matrix is restored, everything's back to normal. The architect, whatever that is (??) promised whoever wants out can get out. So status quo, then? The machines restore and run the Matrix, which apparently was unsatisfying to the humans, which is why they got out in the first place, so what has come of this? The war is over but for how long? What happens to Zion? Did all the people in the course of the battle die for nothing? Will Zion be wiped out eventually anyway? Will there be a new One? And what indeed happens to Trinity and Neo? What happened to Smith, how was his power broken?

There are those who find satisfaction in the mystery itself, who need no explanation but to me the Matrix as a whole has been a splendid plethora of threads and one would like and indeed expect it all to come together at some point. Granted it has been a lot to keep track of, but once it has not concluded in a meaningful conclusion, it seems all the more questionable to have undertaken this journey.


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