omg set -o vi!!!

February 27th, 2008

I just found out bash has a vi input mode. I think my life has changed permanently. No more annoying Alt+b.

set -o vi

Now hit Esc and you're in command mode, standard vi. I haven't played with it long enough to figure out what the restrictions are yet, given how you're only editing one line. But copy/paste doesn't seem to work.

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3 Responses to "omg set -o vi!!!"

  1. Menelkir says:

    I use this in every AIX install that I do for years.
    Ksh doesn't have tab completion, etc, but have set -o vi.

  2. [...] discovered a while back that bash has input modes for both vi and emacs and ever since then editing earlier commands is so [...]

  3. Joe says:

    Oh wow. i have just discovered set -o vi. My life has changed. Found out about it 4 days ago and i am still tickled. i always thought it ironic when doing a long ex command that i had to use  or the arrow keys to edit the middle of the line. But i always lamented that same problem while editing a complex bash command. My only annoyance is no longer works in bash. i haven't been this excited about a new tool since i discovered vimerator last year.

    i know this post is a little dated but i had to post a reply.