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coast to coast

September 7th, 2008

So you wanna drive coast to coast huh? That's what people say anyway, "oh how romantic, all those small towns, the landscapes".

Some people have a dream of driving in the US. I guess they relish an exciting drive across the Bible Belt and then desert country.

According to Google, you can do New York-LA in a day and 17 hours, provided you pick the shortest (and fastest?) roads and drive non-stop.

What about coast to coast somewhere closer to home? Every summer a bunch of tourists pack into their cars and drive up to the north or Norway for a relaxing road trip on our narrow and windy roads.

The scale here is 1:2.

I had to put in two extra pins on the map, or Google would send me into Sweden. But there's your Lindesnes-Nordkapp connection.

It turns out the East-West coast span of the US isn't even twice as wide as our North-South run, and you can do it in roughly the same amount of time.

So basically if you've done North-South in Norway you've done more than half the distance across the US. Doesn't sound that impressive at all anymore, does it? :D

Ps. In the Netherlands you can do Maastricht-Groningen in 3 hours, it's like a paper route. :howler: