August 15th, 2003

I spotted an ad in the paper, a computer store was offering a kit to build a computer for 2200kr so I jumped at the offer. AMD Duron, 128MB RAM, 30GB drive. Perfect for my server and quite affordable. So I got it right away, put it together and surprise surprise.. no hardware problems whatsoever. My first time, I must be doing something right finally. Even the MSI mainboard, the manufacturer which has given me so much grief in the past, checked out fine.

So I plugged in the old drive from the get go, but it wouldn't quite work, I got some weird error messages saying my new 30G drive wasn't partitioned properly. Even though I had done that and formatted the drives booting from Knoppix, it still wouldn't work. I decided to recompile the kernel just to be on the safe side. As it turned out, that's all it took to get working and I now get 48MB/s instead of 10... :-) The kernel message is also a pleasant read, 2600 bogomips up from 300..

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