a look behind the scenes

August 9th, 2003

You know the guards who guard like the royals? The ones that stand outside the building with those funny looking uniforms and don't do anything the whole day? And they're not supposed to even blink.. The highlight of the day is when their buddies come switch with them, they do that monumental walk.

Well it occured to me, these guys must have the patience of a first grade music teacher. I mean they can't do anything, right? Meanwhile you could terrorize them pretty good.. hurl the worst insults at them. You could bring a megaphone and recite the most embarassing moments of their lives/family history to bypassers. Doesn't the rule say that they can only defend themselves if attacked? Well then you can attack them verbally all you want. These people should really do some serious training to build up that kind of patience and disregard for what is going on around them. The ideal thing would be to make them fall asleep standing up. Because let's face it, noone is braking into that palace to assault the royals, if they wanted to do that in today's world there are much more efficient, much less incriminating options. And in any case a dog would guard that place a lot better than a guy who's made to stand guard all day, every day. And even if someone did want to break into that palace, what would be the point? It's not like they don't have the valuables stashed away anyway and even if they did get their hands on it, they'd get busted the second they tried to move the junk. So what other incentive could there be, to dispose of the royals? Pah, who cares anyway, it's not like we have rival monarchies that have a lot to earn by wasting the king.

To be blunt about the situation, aren't these guys hired just so the tourist can take their little snap shots? We've already established they're useless at guarding that palace and noone's breaking in anyway, so what are they around for? The sole purpose is to plug the whole illusion of a monarchy to a respirator in the form of these guys who pretend to guard the palace, so as to give it a more formal look while the royals go about their promiscuous doings in the background, which of course makes it to the tabloids anyway. The illusion of an old school monarchy is a very appealing one but the monarchs don't want to be left out, they want to live like rock stars, get in on the parties, the drugs, the sex. So that's more of a state funded playboy lifestyle.

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