You know you've watched too much Chris Rock when...

December 11th, 2004

Last week I was having lunch at Burger King (isn't it about time they get an award for their lousy burgers?) because it's reasonably cheap compared to the alternatives. Anyway, I was holding my tray of food, making my way through the people in line and this one guy is in my way. The very first thing that came to mind (without saying it mind you :P) was: move, bitch. :D Interesting because I would never say that and I've never thought it before so it's gotta be an outside influence...

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6 Responses to "You know you've watched too much Chris Rock when..."

  1. Erik says:

    :dielaugh: "Move bitch" *chuckles*

    I don't go to Burger King myself; their sugar is of low quality compared to MacDee's...

  2. numerodix says:

    Yeah there are about 3 spots like that to choose from in our great city.. no wait there's that kebab place too but their food sucks and it's expensive. So I circulate a bit and I'm quite sick of MacDaddy from various holidays and so on.

    Bah today I was getting coffee (need it when I study) and I was about to put it down on the counter to pay for it, then I spilled some. Stuff like that always happens to me, it's just a matter of time. Crap motor skills apparently.. :lazy:

    Btw I think I'm gonna start classifying humor in terms of goals scored on a soccer pitch to make it more clear. That way there's no way to misunderstand what is meant by a comment about a really sucky joke. What a friggin tap-in that was. Aye, clear now homie?


  3. Erik says:

    oh dont worry about that - i always calculate it in that i'm going to spill some if I go and get coffee. For instance; you'll never see me getting coffee WITHOUT having rolled up my sleeve first :D

  4. Erik says:

    And yes, the football thing sounds much clearer :D

  5. numerodix says:

    :dielaugh: Oh that's brilliant.. :D But to the credit of that coffee machine, it does fill up right to the brim so a little spillage is not a problem. :D

    You know it's funny about jokes like that. When I play soccer, a tap-in is embrassing to score, it's almost like I'm a little ashamed of myself cause it's so obvious, anyone could do it. But people don't carry that concept over to humor, do they? A lot of lamers take the easiest possible road and find satisfaction right there. No ambition.. :wallbang: :strong: :D :dielaugh:

  6. Erik says:

    I take credit for tap-ins. Pull my shirt over my head, arms wide and get running! :D