luck is a funny thing

December 2nd, 2004

I had my driving exam today and I knew that with a little luck I could pass it. But I didn't get the best start this morning.. on account of my bio clock being all screwed up, I went to bed early last night, at around midnight. I knew I had to be up at 8 so I was hoping to fall asleep right away but of course that didn't work. :rolleyes: At around 2am, I turn off the computer to try to get some sleep again and maybe at 3-4 I actually did fall asleep. Well at least I won't oversleep cause I got my alarm clock, right? Wrong. It did wake me up at 7.45 but that doesn't help when the alarm clock is in a timezone of its own.. :wallbang: It was actually almost 8.30 and at 8.45 I was supposed to meet my driving instructor to take it for a spin before my test at 9.30. So, of course, no time for breakfast and I get there at around 9.

Slight mishap, all is well, right? Wrong. I just get in the car with my instructor and after 4 minutes I change lanes right before a traffic light. "Okay, good thing you did that now, cause now you're done with that. Everyone should make a mistake right before the test, that way they won't make the same mistake at the test." So we get there and he informs me that I have to go pay a fee to do the test. Thanks for telling me in advance :rolleyes:, I don't carry that kind of cash around and didn't have enough funds in my account to cover it with my credit card. So I look like a dumbass when my instructor covers the fee for me, well no big deal, moving on.

Then comes the exam. Why is it that all these state officials always look roughly the same? Older men, 50ish, black, ragged clothes, compulsive coffee drinkers, a moustache and talk in a way that makes them hard to understand.. Well my guy was quite okay, took an hour's ride with him heading for the airport outside of town. It wasn't too bad, I was in good shape and I thought I did pretty well. Today is cold so I had to keep the ventilation on otherwise the windows would get foggy. Didn't give it much thought so I almost suffocated us when I drove through a long tunnel and forgot to turn the damn thing off.. it didn't seem to bother the guy in the least.. :D Finally I'm right at the end of the hour and I get to an intersection with a car on the right, same exact situation that I messed up on my mock exam earlier this week. So I brake a little late but I stop this time. So after it's over he asks me how I thought it went, not too bad, guess again kiddo, apparently I drove waaaay too far on the left, especially at high speeds, said he was nervous from time to time.. but apart from that it was fine, weee..

So I go back to the place to get the licence and again they want me to pay up. Well I'm still broke so again my instructor covers it, now I look twice as dumb. I *was* gonna transfers some money into my account this morning but since I was so late I never go around to it.

Funny how that happens. All day it seems the universe conspired against me but when it mattered most, I was lucky. I didn't do any howlers on the exam, I did fine (apart from the driving on the left but I would have done that anyway). So when you really need to be lucky, maybe you should wish for bad luck the day before..

5 regular driving lessons, a day and a half of compulsory driving excercise and about 8000 kr later, I'm licenced to kill.. erm.. drive. :party:

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11 Responses to "luck is a funny thing"

  1. Erik says:


    I knew you could do it! Actually, I made a HUGE error in the warming up drive before the exam too. Nearly crashed into a car coming from the right; it made sure I was extremely focused during the exam.

    So now we both managed to get our licenses within the space of roughly one week and yet the universe is still here :eek: *shocker*

    Watch out Europe, we get to drive :D

  2. numerodix says:

    You did? Classic.. :D:cool:

    Yeah I know, it's madness. I was gonna take the car for a spin today but the keys were missing.. :D Have a feeling I'm gonna get pretty lazy from having a licence, tomorrow I have physio therapy, that's like a 20 minute walk, also need to swing by the post office to pick up a package. Well not anymore, I'm driving tomorrow. :party: :D

    Speaking of Europe, been thinking about doing a car vacation this year..and now that I got a licence, it could actually happen :strong:

  3. Erik says:

    Wicked! I would do a car holiday myself but seeing as I'm Dutch I'd have to learn how to drive with a caravan first... :lazy::D

  4. numerodix says:

    bwahahahahahaha :dielaugh:

    I got a caravan parked 500m from my house but I'm leaving that alone for the moment, need to learn to drive just the car first.. :D

  5. Erik says:

    That might be wise yeah :D

    Thing is though; a car holiday would be expensive in Europe, especially in summer when petrol prices are insane :(

  6. numerodix says:

    Yeah I know but I guess we would split the cost among those going.. :devil::D Probably would be worth it though, one of those special times, you know?

    Guess what, was late today going to the physio so I didn't have time to spend 20m scraping ice off the windshield so I drove there barely being able to see through the windshield.. fortunately it's just back roads though, no freeway.. :D

  7. Erik says:

    Holy crap you suck. Second day with a license and already you forgot all about the safety rules :wth: :D

    About the car holiday; watch the film "Y tu mama tambien" before you go. ;)

    PS. How about commenting on my blog again for a change? :D

  8. Torkel says:

    Wow, you got your license? Didn't know you were trying to get it at all. Super congratulations anyhoo :party:, it's a real drag(and expensive) getting your license in Norway, so I hope you've got something planned. The beer is one me!:D

  9. numerodix says:

    What is that movie? People that drive off a cliff or somin? :D

    Torks, I signed up for lessons a few months ago, been driving on and off with the parents for years but never was very good at it. Btw I don't drink and drive but send that beer over all the same, it'll come in handy sooner or later.. :D

    Oh and scroll down to the post about the Norwegian parliament too..

  10. Erik says:

    No, that would be the movie "Thelma and Louise", but go ahead and watch that too. :D

  11. numerodix says:

    Yeah I know but I figured it would be similar.. :D