my king

October 26th, 2005

King Harald (Harold, I suppose) of Norway, remarked at some fancy dinner party with the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles (whoa there's one name you didn't expect to feature in this blog): "Let's not forget English football. Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians, myself included actually *loud chuckle in the room*, have followed the English teams since Norway started broadcasting Match of the day in 1969" (there's the source of our cancer btw).

FFS man, at least pretend to be cultured. Tell them you read Oscar Wilde voraciously in your teens, that your father taught you to recite Shakespeare when you were 10. I suppose at this point all that is left to say is props for not breaking into "You'll never walk alone".:wallbang:

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3 Responses to "my king"

  1. Erik says:

    "Oh and what about the great English cuisine? Don't you just love that greasy bacon right after you just got up in the morning?"

    You should really move to Holland. Our queen is so much cooler :D

  2. ash says:

    I have to say, I'd love for 'our' Prince Charles to watch Match of the Day. It would be a vast improvement on him talking to the plants, being pissy about modern architecture and getting hysterical about nano-technology.
    Royal family's suck.

  3. numerodix says:

    Exactly, I don't get why we need the royals at all anymore. Danish prince Frederik has an affair with a prostitute (was it?), the Norwegian price married a single mother with a drug history and a drunk for father (who is now getting columns in the press), his sister married an "author" who only wrote one book in his long career and who takes great satisfaction in being a celebrity (he was before the hookup too), the English heir to the throne junior wears Nazi costumes to social events etc etc. It seems so far the Swedish are the most well behaved, despite the tabloid making an effort to pin something on them.

    But what keeps coming up more and more is how the royals want to live a "normal life". They're not supposed to do that, hence the distinction. If they want to be normal, cancel the government funded allowance and find a normal apartment. These people are educated, they could find well paid jobs and have a meaningful life. There'll still be plenty of "reality stars" and Rooney's to keep the tabloids busy.