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stating the obvious

October 13th, 2005

Just picked up the brand new NTNU study catalog (don't ask me why they would print it up right now, with school starting a mere month ago) and reading the description of their computer science course, I caught onto an interesting statement. "This program will affect your entire professional life." After giving 5 years of my life to it, I sure would hope so.

Also, the catalog looks very nice in terms of layout, but the content is fairly mediocre. Why is it that whenever the layout is good, the content is not and vice versa? There must be a strong force of inertia at play..

PR to the people

October 12th, 2005

Norwegian national team coach Åge Hareide threw a tantrum and declared that reporters don't know what they're talking about discussing tactics and that the general public isn't clever enough to understand this complex phenomenon. While that may very well be accurate, it's 2005 and unless you're Trapattoni, you can't say things like that, you have to work the PR engine. The game is all about marketing and popularity now, it's no good making enemies.


But this debate will surely spin off into a confrontation on prime time, with Åge apologizing as he always does when he's wrong. Meanwhile, we can enjoy that he gets so many things right, with Norway now in playoff and a fair outside shot at making the tournament in Germania. What opposition does Åge prefer? Denmark or Turkey would be nice. Indeed why not, it would be.

epiphanies come when you least expect them

October 10th, 2005


[23:44:03] iAlex: btw I get depressed at how I suck at math
[23:44:09] iAlex: cant beat it
[23:44:16] Erik: hm join the club
[23:44:22] Erik: at least I dont meet it anymore at this education
[23:44:32] iAlex: watching this MIT lecture and I get everything, then he gives a real world math problem and Im out
[23:44:33] iAlex: f annoying
[23:44:58] iAlex: I get the principles, I just dont understand the math formulation of things
[23:45:07] iAlex: I suppose that makes me a moron
[23:45:11] iAlex: which is a bit of a shame
[23:45:24] iAlex: sorta feels like the silver medal


sweet dreams

October 10th, 2005

Dreams are never straightforward, are they? If you're a dream analysist (have to say I don't know what the profession is called, I should call their union), have a crack at this one..

I'm in the cafeteria (wtf) buying food. When I get to checkout, it turns out I don't have enough cash to pay for it (although I use cash about twice a year when I'm out of the country). I tell that to the cashier, she says "you're good for it" :wth: For some reason, I'm grossly dissatisfied with that and I frantically start to check all my pockets. Turns out I have the exact amont, not a penny to spare. The end.

Polska na mundialu

October 9th, 2005

null No i stało się. Polska pojedzie za granice do Niemiec na mundial w następnym roku. Ostatnio było marnie, z Korea i z Portugalia. Co prawda teraz skład jest inny i pozostałości tamtej drużyny nie sa szczególnie widoczne. Ale jest to osiągnięcie samo w sobie, mundial to żadna oczywistość a tu dwa razy pod rząd. Oby było dobrze..