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nothing to see here

October 4th, 2005

I love people who are religious about saving the environment, who also have a mansion consuming enough electricity to power a small car factory.

Just thought I'd share.

it feels stupid to ask stupid questions

October 3rd, 2005

Even if you have every excuse not to know the answer. Like if I'm talking to a person I just met who is from Sudan, I won't know the most basic things about their country or culture or anything. And frankly, I have ever reason not to know, because I've never met anyone from Sudan, I've never taken a class on Sudan, I've never read a book about Sudan. But if I meet a person from Sudan, I'll feel like an idiot asking what language they speak or what religion they have. Because if someone asked me that about my country, I would look at them funny. You're supposed to know those things. Yet sometimes you have no way of knowing.