customer service calls

July 4th, 2005

Don't you hate these things? It's such a chore to me when I have to do it. Today I had the DSL company on the line cause my phone has been disconnected, a mere month after I ordered a new phone service based on broadband telephony. After I ordered it, the phone was working for about 2 weeks before it was blatantly disconnected and if you try it now, you'll get that familiar "this number is not in service" message.

So I call them up and I have to navigate the feckin phone system. Press one for sales, press two for service, press three to end the misery and get electrocuted. So I'm #21 in the queue. Now I'm convinced that these numbers they give you are a complete sham, just random generated everytime. How is it possible that the further back I am, the quicker I progress until I get to the very front, when they always keep me waiting for ages? Doesn't make much sense. What I hate most about this is holding the stupid phone at my ear, if I put it down I risk they unexpectedly put me on, I don't hear it and they hang up so I have to start over.

And they always play you the same annoying music, don't they? 3 years ago, 2 months ago and today, always the same one. Every few minutes they say "Thank you for waiting, you have been moved ahead in the queue." Da fuck? Why would they move me up? At the expense of whom? This system is seriously void of any logic. In fact the only logical consequence is that your number in the queue never increases. So finally I get to be number one. I hate being number one, that's when they make you wait the longest. One time I was number one, they took me off the queue and I was listening to a phone not being answered, I bet the bastard was at lunch. So I'm still number one and oddly enough, I get the same message. "Thank you for waiting, you've been moved up the queue." How very kind of you, apart from the fact that I'm still number one and I'm still waiting. I believe I got that message twice before I got the service department on the line.

So I explain the problem and the guy asks me did I do any changes to the router when I got it? Yes, I forwarded all the ports to my firewall. Well there's your problem. But how come it did work for the first 2 weeks? I can't answer that. Erm... fine, I'll see what I come up with. So I reset the router to the state it was when I first got it and you guessed it, phone line still doesn't work. So now I'm stuck with the sequel tomorrow morning.

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3 Responses to "customer service calls"

  1. Erik says:

    LOOOL Thanks that gave me some courage cause I have to make two such phone calls myself tomorrow :stress:

  2. numerodix says:

    I always end up putting off those calls, most because I hate the waiting. I did send a support request by email, they obliged with a "your request has been received" and that was the end of it, so I had no choice.

  3. Erik says:

    Yeah that sucks. I hate it if e-mails just get ignored