emacs that firefox!

June 24th, 2008

So the other day I was thinking what a pain it is to handle text in input boxes on web pages, especially when you're writing something longer. Since I started using vim for coding I've become aware of how much more efficient it is to edit when you have keyboard shortcuts to accelerate common input operations.

I discovered a while back that bash has input modes for both vi and emacs and ever since then editing earlier commands is so much easier. And not only does it work in bash, but just as well in anything else, like ipython, irb, whatever. :cap:

So now only Firefox remains of my most used applications that still has the problem of stoneage editing, and I'm stuck using the mouse way too much. It bugs me that I can't do Ctrl+w to kill a word. Thus I went hunting for an emacs extensions and what do you know, of course there is one: Firemacs. Turns out it works well, and it also has keyboard shortcuts for navigation. > gets you to the bottom of the page, no more having to hold down <space>. :thumbup:

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3 Responses to "emacs that firefox!"

  1. Have you tried Vimperator yet? ;)

    Makes your Firefox nice and Vim-like :]

  2. numerodix says:

    I saw it, but Firemacs seems a little more up to date. I tried installing Vimperator, but my Firefox3 rejected it. Do you think it has an emacs bias? :/

  3. You have to install =>Vimperator-1.0 for Firefox3. It seems to work ok on mine.