konqueror ui regression

August 1st, 2008

Well well, what have we here? The omelet is well underway in the pan, but we've dropped some eggs on the floor, that's too bad. KDE likes to try things, and that's really cool. I'm pleased as long as they do not stop trying until they produce a better, or at least an equally good, outcome. (Which is my experience with KDE so far.)

There is another slight regression here. The click area for the plus (+) sign beside each directory (the one that expands/collapses it) appears smaller now, after the icon has been changed. It's smaller now, and it was already quite small before.

Ubuntu Bug: #254039

KDE Bug: 168379

I'm not submitting it specifically to kde bugzilla given how Shuttlesworth raves about Launchpad's synchronization capabilities to various bugzillas every chance he gets. Hopefully that means they have a link set up with KDE as well. The regression was spotted in Ubuntu anyway.

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