whapple: evil you can't buy

August 8th, 2008

Hah, Google. What idiots! First they announce their creed is "don't be evil" and now they have to live up to it, because every little report to the contrary has the tubes flowing with indignation. How dumb was that?

One marketing company knows better. They would never fall into a trap like that. Appluz propaganda-fu is so strong that they copied Microsoft's business tactics and yet people still like them. Now that's evil you can't buy!

Business people love the Apple example. Love it to death. How much you wish you had come up with it! Sell overpriced junk to drones with an identity crisis who desperately want to be "special" and get rich doing it. Lex Luthor couldn't have done it better.

Apple have achieved the exact opposite of what Microsoft always wanted to. Beloved Redmond with their upgrade cycle from hell have done well for themselves. But iSpecial people run to the store to buy the latest junk voluntarily, in fact they run like it's the 100m sprint in the Olympics. As special as we all are, there is no doubt the muppets with the latest white plastic are the most special of all.

As with any empire, there are cracks in the concrete here and there. The people on fuckingnda.com have something to say about the experience of writing code for a device without even being able to talk to each other. This same week Apple is facing a class action suit for failing to pay overtime and imposing evil working hours on their employees (sounds like a page from EA Games's book of evil). And least surprising of all, a talk on Apple security at Black Hat got canceled by the marketing department (if there ever was any doubt that the marketing department runs the company).

Yes, the Jobs empire of iDRM is showing healthy levels of evil indeed.

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3 Responses to "whapple: evil you can't buy"

  1. Sam says:

    Long-time Linux user and Apple hater. I couldn't agree more. It sickened me to walk around OSCON and see all of the macs. I guess people can justify anything to themselves.

  2. james says:

    Sam: macs don't have to run just mac os x, though at least its more unix than linux is.
    while i'm no apple fanboy, all the linux fanboy hatred of apple seems a lot like sour grapes: successful, popular unix desktop hurt much?

  3. Sam says:

    Doesn't hurt at all. What hurts is the most proprietary company in the biz getting a bunch of money from people who claim to care about FOSS and choice. I hated macs long before they swiped BSD.