The timeless Riviera

August 6th, 2009


The beauty of the camping vacation is the enduring feeling of being on site. Air travel is very insular that way, I feel like I'm in the same place right up until I get off the plane, but when you're on the road it's a whole different feeling and more authentic in a sense. It's tiresome if you have to go far to get there, but once you cross the border into where you're going there is a real sense of expectation that gradually bears out. And you can stop anywhere you want along the way.


Locations of interest:

  • Wien (classical concert)
  • Verona (late night outdoor opera)
    Camping right near Lago di Garda - a summer camping hotspot
  • La Spezia (all day visit to the pictoresque villages in Cinque Terre national park)
  • Genova (city walk and a visit to Europe's largest aquarium/oceanography museum)
  • San Remo (walk along the promenade and swimming at the beach)
  • Monaco (city walk, swimming at the beach)
  • Nice (walk along the promenade, swimming)
  • Cannes (walk along the promenade)
  • Ramatuelle by St. Tropez
    Camping at the unbeatable Les Tournels
  • St. Tropez (city walk)
  • Marseille (city walk)
    Camping in Aix-en-Provence - a nice town in itself
  • Les Baux-de-Provence (a splendid ancient castle)
  • Orange (the best preserved Roman theater in Europe)
  • Geneve (CERN museum, city walk)
  • Lausanne (city walk)
  • Bern (Einestein museum)
  • Zurich (natural earth museum and a robotics museum)
  • Munich (Deutches museum - world's largest museum of science and technology)

And that's a way to spend three weeks.

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