enough of "Lord of the rings"

June 27th, 2003

Aargh, I am so sick of people who blabber on endlessly about "Lord of the Rings". I mean you read the book, see the movie, fine. And it's not a bad production by any means, I do plan to see the final installment when it hits the movies sometime around Christmas. But back to the rant, there are these people, and in significant numbers I might add, who see everything as a reference to LOTR. Like names, what does your name mean in the land of the hobbits? They have these tests to determine who you are, based on a handful of questions, in the LOTR world. Or they make futile attempts at humor by trying to apply some of those weird LOTR situations to daily life situations. "Yeah, it was like the ring was here and we were all freaked out about it". I mean enough already! Yes, we all know about LOTR and we're all officially fed up with it! I'll be relieved when the trilogy is complete and there'll be no more productions for people to look forward to. Though at the rate it's selling now, they may just decide it's financially sound to milk the public further and follow up with "The hobbit" or whatever is left. All one big money making machine.

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