different standards for men and women

November 5th, 2004

Okay, think about it. How many guys do you know or have you known that you would call "a jerk", "an asshole", "a jackass" or any similar quantity? Quite a few, right? Now how many girls would fit the same description? It's my feeling that the balance between men and women on that level is pretty skewed, and yet we don't consider men scum and women great, do we? Sure every side has bad apples, but we just seem to have a lot more of them, don't you think?

I just think men get away with more. When I see someone being a jackass, I say he's a jackass. But it doesn't really bother me, it's a normal thing, right? So to some extent it's expected behavior. But when I see a stuck up, pretentious, arrogant, slutty woman, I get annoyed and I might say she should not have her own tv show. It can be very annoying at times, with these horrible women in high places. Now I'm not saying women shouldn't have those opportunities, I think equality is the ideal. But it bugs me all the same. But with men? Used to it.

So I think more is expected of women, they're supposed to be better than us. Now it's not that I used that as an excuse for myself, I've actually never tried that. But I wonder if I did, would I be treated less harshly?

Ps. Before you say the obvious, I realize this theory badly needs convincing examples. The only one I can think of is Bill O'Reilly, a class a jackass. And when I watch his show on occasion, I always think that but if he were a woman it would be much worse.

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14 Responses to "different standards for men and women"

  1. Erik says:

    See, I don't make that distinction at all. I wonder if it's anything to do with being bisexual or maybe it's just you who's a conservative pig..? :D

  2. numerodix says:

    Conservative? Me?? :mute:

    Could it be? :D Anyone else have an opinion? ;)

  3. Claire says:

    "yet we don't consider men scum and women great, do we?"

    We don't? :D

  4. numerodix says:

    I stand corrected. :D

  5. numerodix says:

    Actually, I've changed my mind altogether after reading River's blog. Swing by there and see for yourself... when I saw that I didn't know what to say.. :eek:

    What the fuck is wrong with all these people??? :wallbang:

  6. Erik says:

    Good god, speechless after read. Yuck.

  7. vit says:

    I've never posted here any comment before, but this your post just forced me to post sth:

    You guys have such different standarts when it comes to women and some kind of situation... your post reminded me one of situations I had.
    I was going home, waiting for my bus at the bus stop. Some drunk jerk started to abuse me there. He was talking some bs so me, but I stayed calm, trying to avoid further violence. But suddenly he caught me and started to shake my arm, then he just pushed me, and then he hit meso strong, and I fell down! He was more and more aggressive!
    (And guess what? there were some people around, but who cares, that some asshole beat a girl?)
    Oh I got so pissed off! And I thought to myself: or I will defend now, or he will not stop beating me. I saw him coming to me again and I thought that now he is going to kick me, cause I was still lying on the ground. So I stood up like crazy (I still have no idea, how I did it, the fear and anger must be stronger than anything) and hit him back shouting: go away, but it didnt help: he was already in the state, when he just wanted to beat me. So I knew, that that was the moment, when I have to do sth, or he he will beat me till death. So I simple kicked him in his knee, it was painful for him, cause he caught his knee, but then I didnt stop: I kicked him once again in his knee, then I I hit his face with my elbow and in the end, when he was falling down, I kick him again... now sure where: stomach or balls. Anyway I was up, he was down.

    To my surprise, suddenly those people around started to notice me and whole situation, and I heard a comment: OMG, this unbelievable! A girl shouldnt beat men like that...

    So according to them, I should stand there and should let that guy to beat me to death, cause I'm a girl, I have no right to defend myself in this way.
    I have right to be beaten, I have no right to beat.
    I can be nice shy weedy girl, I have no right to be hard, strong and aggressive, even when my health or life is threated.

    I'm rather easy going person, but when I see a good reason to be aggressive, I am. And I know that if such situation happens again, I would do the same: cause I dont see any particular season, why I should let such guy to beat me. Besides: he can hit me once or twice and I can let him go: next time he can abuse another girl, who cant defend herself at all and he can hurt her really hard. So should I let him go without a lesson? No.

  8. numerodix says:

    Well I wouldn't say that my post applies to this, I wasn't talking about violence, I was talking about the personality a person projects and how that is received by others.

    When it comes to violence, I don't think there should be any division between the genders, doesn't make any sense. I mean it's just like everyone will say you should never hit women. Well is hitting men any better? Why would it be? Violence is violence, if you get assaulted by a woman and there's nothing you can do, you will react violently, just as you would with a man. It goes both ways. That men are generally more violent is a fact and dominates the statistic but that doesn't mean we should have two sets of rules for the population, no the rules are the same. When it comes to "battle" I think the distinction should be made based on the victim's ability to defend him/herself. If you fight someone matching your size, your strength, your combat ability, the fight is "fair". If there's a giant discrepancy, it's unfair no matter who's involved.

  9. River says:

    Vit you should be proud. But that cant be recommended. He could have seriously beaten you up. I saw a drugged up guy beat a girl up a bus stop before, he punched her around the head as hard as he could, when she fell down he kicked her in the face. Walk away next time. Not worth the risk.

    Martin I think in this case of course there is a difference. A women never has a chance against a man. Ever. Unless the women is lucky.

  10. vit says:


    Hey River! How are you? :)

    Yeah, I'm proud of myself.

    I know that it cannot be recommended in any way, actually this is highly not recommended. The first rule says: avoid any fight in such moments for all costs, fight only then there is no other way, cause your health/life is threaten.
    And that was one of those situations: that event lasted for quite a while, I did walk away, but the guy followed me.
    I stayed calm and didnt do anything to provoke him, he just was looking for someone to beat up.
    I decided to defend myself, when there was no other way: I was down on the ground and I was sure, that that guy is gonna start kicking me... face, belly: doesnt matter, after first kick I wouldnt be able to defend myself.
    Any other choice then? Nope.

    I disagree with you about this thing: a woman never has a chance against a man.
    We DO have chance, but we completely dont know what to do. Most of us are like stupid bleating lambs then.

    I wanted to write you about my specific martial art school I was attending to, but I lost my willingess, when I thought, what Martin can read between the lines in that story :wallbang:

    btw Rivs: going to be back on the forum or...? Some miss you there.

  11. numerodix says:

    [9] That's an assumption you make...

    [10] read between the lines? What on earth are talking about?

  12. River says:

    [11] Martin I realise its not true in every case. But generally speaking it is.

    An average women wont get up after a few punches. An average man would just get more aggressive after a few punches from a woman. Woman dont have enough strenght.

    I say this because in my 'bad years' I got into many an argument some resulting in getting hit. Any women that ever hit me, every big women, it wasnt that bad. Anytime a guy punched me i'm telling you its a hell or alot different :D I'd never be scared of an angry woman. I'm always scared of an angry guy.

    Vitoria had some luck. How many guys are going to stop after getting punched in the head and kicked on the knee?

    Vitoria. No more MSN/forums for me. I just pop up around these blogs now and then ;)

  13. vit says:


    Luck? :howler: It had nothing to do with luck.
    Actually you used the key word already: average.

    "The guy was getting punched in the head and kicked on the knee"...you assumed that all way wrong, but right, I wasnt accurate enough in that story.

    Erm... MSN? Why are you telling me about your MSN? :D
    About the forum... thanks that you satisfied my curiousity :)

  14. vit says:

    Btw: I didnt know, that you can be so stereotypical *surprised*
    Or you just went into too many female cat fights :D

    See you around :)