10 minutes

November 4th, 2004

Do you think that is a long time? 10 minutes is about the time it takes to..

1. Listen through 2 long songs or 3 shorter ones

2. Run out to the store for a grocery shopping supplemental run

3. Shower twice

4. Watch two sets of in-between-programming commercial sessions

5. Take 30 penalties (and score 21 but your mileage may vary :P)

10 minutes is also the duration in which I can stay alert in class. I don't know what it is about that situation of being at school but for some reason 10 minutes of a lecture is all that I can take without getting really drowsy. The first 10 minutes in case you're wondering. :P And it's not because it's boring, I've watched lectures on recording at home and thought they were interesting. Obviously the reason I chose these courses is that they interest me to begin with so that is no valid reason. What else could it be? Seats too comfortable? Too warm in the room? Too dark? Too quiet? Boring teacher? Slides too dull? I cannot figure out what it is but the whole situation of being in school and being at a lecture just makes me drowsy. No matter what. If I have to take notes, that helps. Math helps too cause that requires some brain activity. But most lectures are just showing slides and talking about them, in which case I understand them fine and it bores me or I don't understand them and I just can't bring myself to care about it. It's not the teacher either, some teachers are very enthusiastic and energetic, that doesn't help. Knowing I'm at school, I start falling asleep, that's the way it works.

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11 Responses to "10 minutes"

  1. Erik says:

    Could it be that you're just incredibly lazy? :D

  2. Erik says:

    BTW you need to have a tougher selection procedure for the quotes on the left:

    "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating."
    ~Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)~

    The guy lived to be 46 years old. I wonder how permanent his income was.... :D

  3. numerodix says:

    lazy? No see that makes no sense. Lazy has to do with going to class or not going, it has no impact on how enjoyable class is.. :P

    Yeah those quotes come with the blogging software, I didn't select them, I just didn't turn them off. Lazy? Yes, very. :D

  4. Erik says:


  5. Claire says:

    Shower in 10 minutes? Absolutely not possible!

  6. River says:

    Martin > Claire
    Claire > Martin
    Erik > Claire
    Claire > Erik

    I cant do anything in 10 minutes because I need to spend about 10 minutes first motivating myself to do it, and probably take a break 5 minutes in :D

  7. numerodix says:

    I said twice, 10 is enough for two showers ;) Why, how long do you need? :D

    Thank you, River ;)

  8. Claire says:

    20 mins minimum, usually 30 mins. I need to make sure I'm clean :D

  9. numerodix says:

    30 minutes??? And you share a bathroom with how many people? :D

    I understand for River it's at least 20 minutes with the motivational session and the break.. :D

  10. Claire says:

    No everyone has their own shower. Or else we would just have to shower together and that would be terrible. Actually wait that wouldnt be terrible at all :D

  11. numerodix says:

    Shower together? Aren't there like 7 of you or something? Get real, that would never work, take turns to stand underneath the showerhead while the others are cold, it would turn into a mugging with everyone wanting in. You live in a dream world, Claire ;):D