Curb your enthusiasm: physically painful

September 26th, 2005

Is that the slot? No, it's the one below it. Just below physically painful, *almost* physically painful. That's watching "Curb your enthusiasm". What is it about this show that people actually find good? Is it Larry David? His observations are reminiscent of Seinfeld. You can clearly see that there is a strong similarity, but he's not funny. It's good they never put him on Seinfeld, cause he would ruin it. Larry David is not a funny person to watch, he doesn't tell jokes, he makes comments that are vaguely humorous but his persona is not funny.

Sadly, the only person who could be funny on this show is Larry. His wife, Cheryl Hines, whom is she supposed to be? All she does is agree to everything he says, never argue with him, never stand her ground, always just repeating what other people say. What is the point of that? Larry's buddy Jeff Garlin then. Again not funny. They exchange opinions but it never gets passionate, it never gets heated. And Jeff is never funny either. In fact, this whole show rides on Larry being the funny guy. And he's clearly not, so what is there to see?? It's a terribly bad copy of Seinfeld. Larry and Jeff, that's Jerry and George. But both Jerry and George are missing.

Total stinker.

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2 Responses to "Curb your enthusiasm: physically painful"

  1. Erik says:

    lol good job nitpicking every aspect into the oblivion of bad TV

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