which Scrubs character are you?

May 5th, 2007


You are...Nurse Laverne Roberts
A.K.A. "The Gossip"

Mmm! Honey, you've got it all together! Whatever you do, you do it well. You're helpful to a point, and those close to you feel they can count on you. But you're not a doormat! The only problem is, with all those good qualities, you tend to be a bit judgmental of others...and you tend to share that judgment way too easily.
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J.D.Honest, cheerful, hallucinating.

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Very disparate results. Almost as if these tests were complete hogwash. :/ And here I was dying to know :(

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2 Responses to "which Scrubs character are you?"

  1. Nawaf says:

    You are...J.D.
    A.K.A. "The Dork"

    Hello? Yoo-hoo! Hi! Say, have you been tested for Attention Deficit Disorder? You've got your head in the clouds, my friend, but it helps make you a more interesting person. Your friends may think you're a bit of a dork, and you may make the wrong decisions on occasion, but you're a sweet, happy person who's on the right track in life. You may want to hire a bodyguard, though...you're the type to attract stalkers.


    Carla: fearless, independent, protective..

    err... :D

  2. erik says:

    You are...Dr. Kelso
    A.K.A. "The Most Evil Person on the Planet"

    Who likes you? Practically no one. Do you care? Not one bit. You don't relish social situations, even if your daily life forces you to tolerate them. You're known to make the best of things, even if it's at the expense of others. On the bright side, in making yourself happy, you are sure to live a long, healthy life...that is if no one kills you first.

    w00t, my hero! :D


    Elliot: Neurotic. Obsessive. Sheltered.

    hmm... fair enough :D