remember Prince of Persia?

May 26th, 2007

Yees yes, that fantastic game we played in the early 90s. Remember it? Of course, who could forget. :cap: Getting that prince unscathed through all those tunnels, traps and past all his enemies was great fun.

Ah, the days when Ms-Dos was our operating system of erm... choice and we gave the keyboard a good workout.

prince_of_persia.jpgPrince of Persia kept reappearing in new releases, but as far as I'm concerned once you kill the classic 2D game play feel, it's all downhill. The story lines for the later versions were also tediously complicated, nothing like the elegant simplicity of the classic. The original and the sequel, those are the two I played back then.

And now you can re-live the experience yourself. The Unofficial Prince of Persia Website has all the scoop, with plenty of extras. The oldest versions (1 & 2) are considered abandonware (which means no one is there to collect) and are up for download from the site. There's also cheats and walkthroughs if you get stuck (ah, how much easier it is to play these games nowadays when you don't have to figure it out yourself :D ).

Not only that, the walkthroughs for the sequel even have captures on google video, so you don't even have to play it yourself. :D

"But wait a minute", you say, "didn't you say Ms-Dos? How am I going to play these games? I've moved on from Dos by now." Funny you should ask. There is a Dos emulator called dosbox, which gives you a window into Dos, if you will. Inside there you can play any Dos game, and dosbox has a pretty long list of supported games.

Enjoy Prince of Persia! :cool:

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9 Responses to "remember Prince of Persia?"

  1. David Grant says:

    Wow, dosbox has got to the the easiest to use emulator I have ever used. I didn't even bother installing a front end. All I had to do was do

    in linux:
    unzip -d prince
    (install dosbox)

    in dosbox
    mount C /home/david/downloads/prince

  2. numerodix says:

    Actually, all I did was
    $ dosbox PRINCE.EXE


  3. erik says:

    Prince of Persia, awesome. One of the last computer games I ever played :D

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  5. Walkthroughs says:

    Hey!, Very nice place you have here. You've done a good job & awesome blog on ber Prince of Persia? ~ numerodix blog!

  6. Dorothea says:


    I tried to start Prince in dosbox but always get the error message: "Graphics Mode not selected. Please run setup."
    When changing graphics in setup I get the error message: "Error creating an output file."

    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Vivek Singh says:

    thank you very much for this blog... I'm a 21yr old guy. When this game was released I was and didn't evn knw abt a calculator. My father is a big fan of this game. So he wanted to play this and I was not able start the game. Thank you evrbdy!!

  8. sbox53 says:
    the web aint working :(

  9. SaltyDogsrfr says:

    I remember playing both 1 and 2 wayyy wayyy long ago, but never beat them. Since I just watched the POP movie like 24 hours ago, its been my sole mission to beat the whole series from POP to forgotten sands.