good marketing-talk is incomprehensible

May 18th, 2007

Å bestille bonusreiser på Internett er gratis

Da vi innfører et servicegebyr for å bestille bonusreiser via Medlemsservice den 21. mai, lønner det seg å bestille via våre nettsider. Basic-medlemmer må fra 21. mai betale et servicegebyr på 150 kr. Se linken for mer informasjon.

How bout that. SAS Braathens has my email address, because I book all my flights online. Periodically they send me this spam, which is "great offers" included in "important membership information". Today they sent me an update on my bonus miles (along with a host of "great offers", of course), including this paragraph, which I find completely incomprehensible.

Booking flights online using air miles is free

Since we are about to introduce a service charge for booking flights out of air miles through our Membership Service, from May 21, we encourage you to book them on our website. Basic-members will incur a charge of 150kr from May 21.

Well that's an interesting way of telling you that 5 days from now you'll be paying money for booking flights from air miles you've saved up. So something that's not supposed to cost you anything now will, meanwhile you can avoid paying the service charge if you book online. Which is exactly what you expected to hear based on the headline, isn't it?

It almost reminds me of Orwell's 1984. First the weekly quotum for chocolate is 30 grams. So first they announce it is lowered to 15g, and the a week later, as if nothing happened, the "increase it" to 20g, to demonstrate how generous they are.

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  1. erik says:

    lol yeah that's pathetic, sweet metaphor :D