top three time wasters

April 14th, 2007

As a kid I was a master at wasting time. My two main activities were computer games and sports. And tv. And although I don't do it as much anymore, some skills are just so innate that you can stop practicing something for years, and then it comes right back to you when you need it.

So for those not fully expert yet, let me recommend three handy online, available-from-anywhere time wasting spots.


A marvellous site. When you look up something you can find yourself clicking around to more and more pages, more and more content, it never stops. Wikipedia isn't at a point yet where you'll find everything there, but it's working hard to close the gap. Give it a couple more years and chances are you won't even need the rest of the internet, googling will be a mere memory.


Who knew that Youtube would be such an amazing success? The reason I introduced Wikipedia first is that there's a parallel to make here. Youtube is the Wikipedia of video. Whatever it is you're looking for, chances are you'll find it. For instance, say you heard about something happening on the news, or a talk show, or you want to track down a scene from a famous movie, or you want to see last night's buzzer beater, all you need is Youtube. In fact, Youtube is so vast that the "similar searches" option will ensure that for any search that finds a match, you have about 20 videos to watch. And for each of those you have another... well you get the point.


Reddit is an amazing kind of site, because every time you load it, it has lots of items you want to see. It's hard to account for how this happens, but the content has such a diversity of topics, and such a depth of content in many cases, that scanning the top25 seems terribly compelling. And because it changes constantly, you can come back in 12h and it will be completely refreshed.

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1 Responses to "top three time wasters"

  1. erik says:

    I'm stupid, I am a regular visitors of all those sites and I also have a personal bookmark toolbar thing that is *packed* with sites featuring a truckload of reading material. It never ends