sealed plastic packaging

May 19th, 2007

The patient sustained multiple severe stab wounds to the upper chest and abdomen. The consumer didn't stop until he was able to retrieve the product.

They basically use this packaging for anything they can get away with. In some stores half the products are packaged this way, in what has to be the most consumer hostile packaging known to man. There are three big problems with it:

  1. It's a huge pain to open, unless you have a mechanical lab on hand.
  2. Sometimes it's almost impossible to open without damaging the product.
  3. There is no semblance of putting it back together the way it was, you open it you bought it

I would take the cheapest, ugliest brown carton box with the technical specifications printed on the side over this plastic. And it would be cheaper. No pictures either, just open the box and see what it looks like. And if you don't want the customer to open the box for some reason, just seal it with duck tape. And leave one box open so they can check out the merchandise.

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2 Responses to "sealed plastic packaging"

  1. erik says:

    Totally agree. Depending on my mood I just rip the plastic off or I ask an employee if they happen to have one without it so I can check the product out. Usually they are supposed to have that one item you can check out, if it's missing it means some moron checked it out and bought the one product put there for display purposes :wallbang: People like that should be shot.