frustrated to the core

December 20th, 2004

What to do when a once incredibly meaningful relationship becomes a struggle? Do you perservere or do you crumble once you realize you're banging your head agaist the wall no matter what you do? What's worse, it could all have been prevented had you not been so dumb to begin with. Yes Martin, you're not a kid anymore, what you do affects people and that's why you can't sleep right now. What do you do when you deserve nothing and you're also incredibly pissed for not being able to fix what you f. up in the first place? Do you stay cool and hope (not hope, believe) everything will work out fine? I did that for a while. Then I had a little bump of heads with reality and it dawned on me that things in life are not gonna be fine just through hoping. So then it started getting to me and it's been almost a week and I'm still stuck. That's right, I'm back to doing what I do best, obsessing about it. :wallbang::wallbang::wallbang:

But back to the original question, what to do when it becomes a struggle? Do you just let it go? Give up on that relationship? Accept that it may never be what it once was and that you should maybe start looking around for some new people? It's not an obvious choice because once you resign from it, you know the odds are very slim that it's ever gonna feel the same. I wish I could distract myself so I didn't have to make this decision. But I know if not know, sooner or later I will have to. F. it.

More than anything, what do you say when you know you've given it your best shot and then some and you still failed? Someone should kick my ass.

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10 Responses to "frustrated to the core"

  1. Erik says:

    I let go, it's what I do.

    And some call me an idiot for that.

  2. numerodix says:

    Yeah but see where there's a difference between you and me:

    Seriously though, I should learn to relax about these things. :mute:

  3. Erik says:

    Fillipinene 52 %
    Hellas 48 %
    Sør-Korea 45 %
    Serbia 43 %
    Nederland 41 %

    Judas Priest ... I think I was born in the wrong country :D

  4. Erik says:

    Those were the pessimism rankings btw

  5. numerodix says:

    Yes, we got that, thank you :P

    Weird how they compiled that list though.. I wonder how they conducted the research. Just asking people off the street "hey man are you excited about tomorrow?" "f. off" :D

  6. dewdrop says:

    :eek: Swift kick up your arse :D Well? You did ASK for it! :rolleyes:

  7. V. says:

    Aha... so f. up some other relationship... I wonder what you did this time.

    PS: Actually I dropped by to read about the trip to Poland, but... hmm... some of your posts here...

  8. numerodix says:

    [6] Thank you :)

    [7] Strong? Well it's an outlet for negative thoughts so not everything is happy reading.

  9. V. says:

    Hmm... I wonder what your reply has to do with my post... :confused:
    Strong what?

  10. V. says:

    Oh right. No, it's not about strong. It's about the pessimism and negative speaking. Also I still wonder, what you did this time: in what way you f. up it.