cometh morning

January 7th, 2006

Some mornings are different than others. This is a special kind of morning, the kind of morning when you wake up and think to yourself "this is the day".

If you're one of those people who wake up and immediately get up, then you're probably a rarity. I don't do that, I need a while to "decompress".. a few minutes, sometimes half an hour, depending on how tired I feel when I wake up. Those minutes are unique to the whole day because this is when I do something I never do otherwise. Plan my day. Ok, so today I need to get my shit together, get that overdue homework done, finish that book, do the laundry, go shopping and fix the bike. Well it's not really planning, it's more a laundry list, things to be done whenever just as long as they get done today. Or tomorrow. Those are the things that come to mind at the very beginning. These are the things I will most certainly end up not doing. Then with that out of the way, my thoughts flow to things that are fun, but not important. I spend a lot more time thinking about these. These are things I will end up doing today.

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2 Responses to "cometh morning"

  1. ash says:

    Yep, I definitely need time to decompress - this is the time I spend hitting the snooze button repeatedly for a while. I don't spend that time doing anything though, except maybe more sleeping.

  2. erik says:

    I never plan though. I just lie there, repeatedly thinking: "I wish it weren't morning, I wish it weren't morning, I wish it weren't morning..."