annoying people

November 12th, 2006


  • laugh at stupid jokes, accepting a low standard of conversation.
  • tell stupid jokes.
  • are slow to catch on to things that are being said, and once they do they don't just keep quiet, they say 'oooooh' every two minutes.
  • ask you to repeat what you said. Again. (A keen observer would realize that they're not getting this particular point and just let it go.)
  • understand about 30% of what you said, but insist on having the remainder explained in every little detail.
  • hang on to some little expression you used and when you explain it in different words [to give an equivalent statement], they still make you explain the expression.
  • constantly mix languages in a conversation for no reason (because they need/want an expression they often use).
  • switch languages in a conversation for no reason.
  • make what they think is a witty comment that makes no sense at all to the context and when called on it insist that 'it was a joke, lighten up'. [this one seems to proliferate lately]
  • try to make you laugh and when failing accuse you of not having a sense of humor.
  • are so loud you can't not hear them in the other room if you try.
  • engage you in conversations about the most pointless issues.
  • have their own 'signature expressions' that they insist on using in just about every sentence.
  • use common expressions, incorrectly.
  • completely dominate conversations, even those involving a group of people.
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3 Responses to "annoying people"

  1. Jimm says:

    You suck!

  2. Alvin says:

    Think their personal pet peeves are generally true statements (see above blog for examples).

  3. numerodix says:

    Hey, the blog is what it is, an expression of personal opinions. Sometimes stated as 'facts' for emphasis. I didn't think it needed a disclaimer to state this explicitly.