boo maxtor boo

July 20th, 2006

"We are gathered here today to say goodbye to a dear friend.." Nah, how corny would that be. Still, it's true, I've had yet another harddrive failure. This time one that hasn't been used much in the last 6 months. In the last two days it was failing spontaneously and then giving lots of disk errors upon reboot. I ran Maxtor's diagnosis tool and it said the drive was dead as a doornail.

I shouldn't protest too loudly, seeing as I got it for free. But it reinforces the old saying: "hardware sucks".

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4 Responses to "boo maxtor boo"

  1. John (mikhail) says:

    Snap. My hard drive failed a fortnight ago. I really should get around to replacign it. :D

  2. [...] Downstairs, the file server has been dismantled on account of a hardware failure. The firewall still remains, so that’s 2 Ubuntu desktops, one Gentoo laptop, one RedHat firewall and just one lonely WindowsXP desktop left (which will remain such on account of its user being very attached to it). I suppose I’m in a position to write one of those boring “I set up linux for my grandma and it’s working really well” articles on now. [...]

  3. Graham says:

    I've heard first-hand that you can someitmes put a failing HDD in the freezer, and that can revive it long enough to recover your data, before things start warming up and spinning and expanding and it falls apart again.