impossible to find: socks

February 4th, 2007

Sometimes it's the simplest problems that are the most difficult. Like buying socks. In the last month or so I've looked all over the place, spanning three different countries, and come up with zip. How hard is it to find socks? Hard. The socks I own were rare finds in the first place, and it's times like these that make me wish I had bought 4 times as many of them. It's not that socks wear out, which they do. But they also have a way of going missing. A couple years down the line you suddenly have fewer pairs than you used to, for unexplained reasons.

This is what I'm looking for. Cotton socks. Cotton, okay? Not polyester, polyamide or any other plastic-like sweaty fabrics. When you pick up a pair you can tell right away if the fabric is good, or if it feels more like it's plastic mixed in that will make your feet sweat. Even 20% polyester will do that. I don't mind elastics, though, that's fine. But the rest has to be cotton, or the deal is off. And while I've bought cotton socks lots of times, they're always rare. So rare for the moment that I can't find them anywhere. Maybe I should look on ebay.

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2 Responses to "impossible to find: socks"

  1. erik says:

    "and it’s times like these that make me wish I had bought 4 times as many of them"


    I have to pick up some socks today myself, I usually have little trouble with it: keep you posted as always.

  2. Graham says:

    I'll tell you what's worse? Losing one of a pair of socks...

    (that's assuming you don't live in a perfect world where widowed singles magically find themselves matching up with other singles to form perfect pairs).