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You know you've watched too much Chris Rock when...

December 11th, 2004

Last week I was having lunch at Burger King (isn't it about time they get an award for their lousy burgers?) because it's reasonably cheap compared to the alternatives. Anyway, I was holding my tray of food, making my way through the people in line and this one guy is in my way. The very first thing that came to mind (without saying it mind you :P) was: move, bitch. :D Interesting because I would never say that and I've never thought it before so it's gotta be an outside influence...

luck is a funny thing

December 2nd, 2004

I had my driving exam today and I knew that with a little luck I could pass it. But I didn't get the best start this morning.. on account of my bio clock being all screwed up, I went to bed early last night, at around midnight. I knew I had to be up at 8 so I was hoping to fall asleep right away but of course that didn't work. :rolleyes: At around 2am, I turn off the computer to try to get some sleep again and maybe at 3-4 I actually did fall asleep. Well at least I won't oversleep cause I got my alarm clock, right? Wrong. It did wake me up at 7.45 but that doesn't help when the alarm clock is in a timezone of its own.. :wallbang: It was actually almost 8.30 and at 8.45 I was supposed to meet my driving instructor to take it for a spin before my test at 9.30. So, of course, no time for breakfast and I get there at around 9.

Slight mishap, all is well, right? Wrong. I just get in the car with my instructor and after 4 minutes I change lanes right before a traffic light. "Okay, good thing you did that now, cause now you're done with that. Everyone should make a mistake right before the test, that way they won't make the same mistake at the test." So we get there and he informs me that I have to go pay a fee to do the test. Thanks for telling me in advance :rolleyes:, I don't carry that kind of cash around and didn't have enough funds in my account to cover it with my credit card. So I look like a dumbass when my instructor covers the fee for me, well no big deal, moving on.

Then comes the exam. Why is it that all these state officials always look roughly the same? Older men, 50ish, black, ragged clothes, compulsive coffee drinkers, a moustache and talk in a way that makes them hard to understand.. Well my guy was quite okay, took an hour's ride with him heading for the airport outside of town. It wasn't too bad, I was in good shape and I thought I did pretty well. Today is cold so I had to keep the ventilation on otherwise the windows would get foggy. Didn't give it much thought so I almost suffocated us when I drove through a long tunnel and forgot to turn the damn thing off.. it didn't seem to bother the guy in the least.. :D Finally I'm right at the end of the hour and I get to an intersection with a car on the right, same exact situation that I messed up on my mock exam earlier this week. So I brake a little late but I stop this time. So after it's over he asks me how I thought it went, not too bad, guess again kiddo, apparently I drove waaaay too far on the left, especially at high speeds, said he was nervous from time to time.. but apart from that it was fine, weee..

So I go back to the place to get the licence and again they want me to pay up. Well I'm still broke so again my instructor covers it, now I look twice as dumb. I *was* gonna transfers some money into my account this morning but since I was so late I never go around to it.

Funny how that happens. All day it seems the universe conspired against me but when it mattered most, I was lucky. I didn't do any howlers on the exam, I did fine (apart from the driving on the left but I would have done that anyway). So when you really need to be lucky, maybe you should wish for bad luck the day before..

5 regular driving lessons, a day and a half of compulsory driving excercise and about 8000 kr later, I'm licenced to kill.. erm.. drive. :party:

the struggle for simplicity

November 26th, 2004

Note: I suppose it's about weekly that I feel I'm on the verge of an epiphany and this week is no exception. Here's some more alleged wisdom coming your way.

It dawned on me just now that what everyone wants is for life to be simple. I think all relationships that fail do so because things became or always were too complicated. And isn't that how it goes, when you meet someone and you hit it off, there is something unique about that situation, you're on the same wavelength, you're getting each other, that's simplicity at play.

But then time passes, new things come up and just maybe do you not always see eye to eye. Behavior is not understood, "I can't believe he did that", things are misinterpreted, signals are misunderstood, it gets too complicated. So you wanna straighten it out, get the cards on the table, map out the problem areas and make sure you get what's at stake. You think once you know what the problems are, you can fix them. Maybe so but sometimes you never get there, things are too complicated to be mapped out. The human mind is very complicated, especially so compared to the mind's comparatively modest ability to process information. Things have to be simple, otherwise the mind does not follow. And if there are too many complications, I just want to cut through it and start over. Sometimes there is no way to "talk it through" and map it out because there was never enough understanding to unite on the differences no matter the effort applied. One gets to a point where no matter what you know the person will never understand what you're saying. And probably vice versa, so what's the point of living like this? It's more harm than good.

Such is life..

Ps. Norway's leading paper (a tabloid) runs a story on how IE is insecure (big news :rolleyes: ). What they neglect to mention is any alternative browser. There is a reference in the article to a past story about computer security, where they among a plethora of references mention Opera (and predictably mention that it's Norwegian). But no mention of the leading browser these days or any mention of Mozilla whatsoever. Yet again, brilliant work, VG.. :wallbang:

futsal is fun!

November 25th, 2004

The first time I saw it was a couple of years ago on Eurosport, they were showing the matches from the Euro tournament at the time (Forza Azzurri!) and a friend of mine was really into it so I started watching some too. Still, it seemed too different from the real thing to really be enjoyable.

But now the spirit has been rekindled, I was watching Iraq-Cuba from the ongoing World Cup in Taipei (that's Taiwan, kids) and I realized it's actually quite fun to watch. Unlike soccer, the end to end action is a lot more frequent and there aren't many long stops for free kicks and fouls. The game is still a lot different, but it's more exciting too.

I recall playing indoor, which I never liked. Too much friction off the floor, ball was uncomfortable on the parquet etc. But for watching it's nice..

jævlig bra motivasjonsemail!

November 22nd, 2004

Disclaimer: For those of you bilingually impaired, I guarantee this text is actually quite brilliant. But translating would distort the tone and language, so I'm not going to. :P

Fikk denne i posten i dag, var så bra at jeg bare måtte ha den med her! TIHLDE er forøvrig en linjeforening på HiST..


Men, og det er alltid et men! For at vi skal få de til å komme til dere må dere alle hjelpe oss litt. Tihlde har nå satt ut et par tomme bruskasser rundt omkring på bygget. Disse står der for at dere skal få en anledning til å putte flaskene deres i disse kassene, fremfor å la de stå på pulter rundt omkring eller kaste dem i søpla. Dealen er som følger...

1) Panten for de flaskene som kommer inn fra kassene er øremerkede penger til sosialen. De pengene skal brukes til en ting, og bare en ting: På slutten av vårsemesteret samler vi alle pengene, stikker ned på Dreams og leier STRIPPERE!!! Så jo flere av dere som klarer å dra den late ræva si bort til kassene og legge fra seg flaskene sine der istedenfor å kaste de gjennom hele rommet og bomme på søppelkassa, jo flere strippere og bedre show får vi råd til. Og showet! Det blir selvfølgelig for dere!

2) De flaskene som havner utenfor kassene tilhører vaskedamene. Man kan si mye pent om vaskedamene våre og de holder det rent og pent rundt oss, men har du lyst til å se de strippe?

Enn så lenge er det begrenset hvor mange kasser som er satt ut, av den enkle grunn at vi ikke har flere kasser. Men fortvil ikke, det kommer flere. Det var flere kasser, men på mystisk vis begynte de å forsvinne. Vi kommer derfor til å bytte ut de bruskassene som står rundt omkring med kjedelige pappesker etter hvert, men inntil da, vær så snill! Du får ikke så jævlig mye igjen for å pante en stakkars bruskasse, men vi taper masse på at vaskedamene får alle flaskene som ikke havner i den bruskassa som ikke er der!

For øvrig så er det jo sånn at Tihlde er der for sine medlemmer og man skal nyte godt av å være medlem. Det vil derfor være en stor fordel for deg dersom du er medlem når du står der i køen utenfor og har buksa full av kontanter, klare til å putte de i nærmeste bh. Når du kommer til døra vil vi nemlig nappe mindre penger ut av lanken til de som klarer å vise frem medlemskort, enn fra de som ikke klarer det.

Er du ikke medlem ennå så kan vi informere om at du ikke trenger å banke opp noen for å få tak i medlemskortet deres riktig ennå. TIHLDE skal nemlig ha en NY INNMELDINGSFEST i januar, så alle som ikke kunne komme i høst får en ny sjanse til å skaffe seg sitt eget.

Tihlde er heller ikke snauere enn at de lar du, deg og dine skolevenner velge hvilke smekre babes som skal kle av seg i deres åsyn. Når tiden nærmer seg vil det bli lagt ut en poll på <> hvor dere kan stemme på deres favoritt. Hvis du har lyst til å smugtitte alt
nå kan du finne utvalget her <>

Kos dere!