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so there you have it

August 22nd, 2005

Forbruker no: Klesprisene i Norge er nesten 50 prosent høyere enn EU-gjennomsnittet. Det viser en ny Eurostat-undersøkelse.

The prices on clothes in Norway are 50% above the average of the EU. :wallbang:


August 22nd, 2005

What is the deal with female perfume anyway? It has a range of about 5 meters, when you pass a girl on the street you can count your steps until you don't smell it anymore. Let's have a look at the odor dynamics here, it's like have you ever seen a big ship making waves on a quiet body on water? Notice how the waves propagate, at the center there is the ship, then on the sides the waves follow slightly behind it, marked by skew lines to the ship's perpendicular. So if you're on a boat that passes the ship close by, you'll get caught in the waves. And the further out you are, the lesser the waves. The further behind the ship, the lesser the waves also. The question is though, why is there so much of it? Do you bathe in it before leaving the house?

Of course, I do prefer the female perfume to the male perfume. This one doesn't appear often, but when it does you wish you weren't quite so close to the point of emission. I recall a week ago I was on the way home from the supermarket and I see these two truck drivers talking on the corner. I took about four meters of space passing them but I still feel a rather unforgiving scent I could do without. Also called B.O.


August 22nd, 2005

I'm positively astounded by my own stupidity sometimes. Today I needed a couple of certified copies, so I head up to the book store where they do this. On the way, I make my way through five hundred thousand people. College just started this week, the place is literally packed, there's enough people to body surf. And I head to the book store at lunch, *the* most busy time of the day. Why I couldn't have gone right after they open or right before they close eludes me. Instead, I'm standing in line behind 12 people at the checkout counter to pay my 20 bucks for some copies. Surprisingly, the line was moving quickly (there was also a cute girl in the second line to stare at, in the Eva Mendez mould). To top it off, I almost lost my key card. When I took out my wallet, my key card got caught in the mix and fell on the floor. That is after I expressely reminded myself to make sure it doesn't fall out when I take out my wallet some 2 minutes earlier.

total waste of time

August 21st, 2005

Some days are like that, right? You set out to do a couple of things and by the end you haven't done anything. It starts off by saying I'm not gonna start doing that right away, I'll just do this for a while first. Then you end up doing this for way longer than you intended. And once you realize it, you're completely demoralized and don't feel like doing anything, in fact going back to bed sounds just about right.

Today is like that, I don't even remember what I planned to do today but it's been totally unproductive. What also messes is up is the weather, a sunny day and I got the rays from the sun right in my window, heating up the room and leaving a glare on the monitor. So I'm not comfortable and I'm too hot. Can't draw the curtains either cause I gotta keep the window open to air out the room (the window opens inwards, which is totally inconvenient cause I can't have it open and have the curtains drawn simultaneously).

Oh that's right, my bike is broke again, last week I was speeding and I hit a curb going quite fast. I tried to get on the pavement where the curb is really low but I didn't make it cause I was going too fast. So now I got a flat rear tyre, today is Sunday and yesterday I was fixing the computer and forgot to buy a new hose.

I just noticed this post perfectly matches the title.. :lazy:


August 19th, 2005

Oslo image gallery has been posted.