coffee lineup

February 28th, 2007

coffeeline.pngThe first lectures of the day start at 9am, a difficult hour for all of us. As one of my teachers said "what a time to start". And even if you bike to school and get some of that fresh morning wind air to wake you up, by 9:20 everyone is fighting sleep.

Once the lecture ends, those conquered by fatigue just let gravity work, cross their arms on the desk and let their head find support in the horizontal. The rest, sober enough to get to their feet, stroll out of the room and head for the lounge area.

Quickly two lines form in front of the twin coffee machines. Fortunately, these are very reliable, so people get their fix, but as the Dutch would have it, the cups are really small, so by the time you're halfway through, you're thinking about getting more.

The soda and candy machines see no business at this hour - it's too early for soda and candy. Instead, those not lined up for coffee just linger around the two tables and stakeout the scene, waiting for the worst crowds to clear. Around 9:55 everyone (including the teacher) grabs their drink and heads back into class, where every room is marked with a sign "no eat or drink".

Note: I actually wanted to make the drawing look more like it was drawn by hand, but there are two problems:

  • I can't draw.
  • I don't have a tablet.

Drawing with the mouse is just awful, so instead I sketched out a pretty lame illustration in inkscape, which is wondeful, but unfortunately I don't know how to use it properly (but even if I did, I have no artistic ability).

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3 Responses to "coffee lineup"

  1. erik says:

    Tiny cups? Ouch

    We used to have two coffee places/restaurants in the building in DHU where you could buy .5 liter of coffee. The coffee places got me through uni, even made European Law bareable

  2. Nawaf says:

    bleh, 9:00 am? That's nothing.. Try waking up at 5:30 to get ready to do your oral examinations at 6:00 sharp.. :P

  3. John Healy says:

    Don't fight it. Some of the most restful sleep I've ever had was during solid state electronics classes.