persistent salesmen

January 21st, 2007

I was dragged into one of those home improvement stores a couple of weeks ago. Those places that sell literally anything for the house, from plumbing apparel to furniture. I never have any business there, so I was just walking around listening to music. I assume I was looking rather disinterested, with my eyes closed some of the time, merely keeping track of where my party was going. This woman comes up to me and starts talking, of which I'm not hearing a word. I put the iriver on pause and ask her to repeat.

- Sir, would you be interested in getting a Valued Customer card? You would be gettting all kinds of discounts on our goods..
- Uhm no, I'm here once a year at most.
- Still, you can get discounts at all our partnering chains *points to a cluster of small company logos in the brochure*
- Even so, I'm not interested, thank you.

I didn't actually tell her the truth. That I've never ever bought anything at this store in my life and don't expect to.

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1 Responses to "persistent salesmen"

  1. erik says:

    Shoulda told her the truth or something else cool "Oh I'm just here cause it's raining outside"